20 October, 2023
At Macquarie Community College, we work tirelessly to bridge the “digital divide” to ensure those within our communities do not suffer from digital exclusion. The acceleration of digitalisation has left many behind, creating distinct gaps and disparity in access, affordability, and skills in using computers, phones, and tablets.
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6 January, 2023
We welcome 2023 with much excitement as we return to some kind of norm. There is something about starting a new year that encourages us to pause and reflect on how we can improve ourselves. Most of us will make that annual new year's resolution. Whether it's "exercise more", "change careers", and "learn new things", here are some tips on how to keep those plans in place and follow through your resolutions for 2023.
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9 June, 2017
Australians should be concerned about their level of household debt according to data released by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development. The average Australian household owes 212% of net income, the fourth highest in the world. It’s pretty clear: we’ve come to rely too heavily on loans and credit cards.
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