4 October, 2018
Meditation is growing in its popularity but there are still several myths surrounding meditation that prevent people from enjoying its benefits. Guest blogger and Meditation Tutor, Katherine Pinczuk, summarises the 3 myths surrounding meditation - “I don’t”, “I can’t” and “I’m no good at it”.
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14 April, 2018
Happy Seniors Week! Macquarie Community College strongly supports seniors in the community and has been providing affordable learning programs for seniors through the Tech Savvy Seniors program since 2013. Recently, our Tech Savvy Seniors students spoke to us about how our courses have been helping them feel empowered and removed the 'fear factor' associated with technology.
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16 February, 2018
Billions of people will be celebrating the Lunar New Year over the next couple of weeks. But what is the Lunar New Year and why is 2018 the Year of the Dog? Here's what you need to know about this celebration.
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19 January, 2018
Don't delay in achieving your New Year's resolutions. Use our helpful planner to kick start your goals today!
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3 December, 2017
Take a short introductory course in crochet at Macquarie Community College. You will soon discover a beautiful handicraft and why crochet has been called the new 'mental yoga'.
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21 July, 2017
Being a Super mum has taken its toll, according to local Life Coach, Lisa Stallard. Marriages are failing, anti-depressants are on the rise and we’re experiencing an increase in childhood mental illness. Lisa’s observations are backed by statistics.
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21 July, 2017
“I have always had a passion for genealogy and love helping people,” says Cheryl Venables from Create Your Family Tree short course at Macquarie Community College. “I can show you how to start your own family tree or add to current research where you may have hit a brick wall. Join me in an exploration and adventure to find and acquaint yourself with your ancestors!”
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4 July, 2017
When you take part in a tea ceremony, you will see that everything has meaning — the way the tea is prepared, the fluidity of movement when it is served, and the way it is delivered to you.
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24 May, 2017
Creativity is not as big a deal as most people make it out to be. You don’t have to ‘be creative’ to be creative. It’s not a ‘talent’ that you must possess before you’re allowed to practice it.
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18 May, 2017
Home reno show House Rules makes DIY look pretty dramatic. There are paint-roller showdowns, couples breaking up, clique warfare, and snarky comments from judges. A tip we should all learn from the show is this: DRAMA and DIY should never go hand in hand. At least, not that kind of drama.
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