13 March, 2017
Start Autumn off with a new hobby or activity. Take it on by yourself or with a friend or family member. We have lots of Leisure courses to choose from in Sports/Fitness/Arts/DIY/Self Improvement and much more. Check out the new range of courses below set to start off in Term 2.
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10 March, 2017
Ever wanted to learn how to read dog behaviour and to understand dog communication? Do you want to go on to a career working with dogs or just learn how to care better for your canine companion?…then this Pet First Aid and CPR course is for you. You can learn all these valuable pet life saving techniques and much more in this invaluable course, whether you want to work as a vet nurse, animal trainer or carer or just learn how to better care for your own pet animal. This course will take you right through the First Aid care of your pet.
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9 March, 2017
Our IT and computer courses in the Sydney region are perfect if you wish to expand and refresh your skills for the workforce, learn up to date software, or just want to become more tech savvy. Our courses teach you how to navigate, evaluate and create information using a range of digital technologies that enrich your work and home life.
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