21 June, 2017
Macquarie Community College has just released its Term 3 Catalogue 2017 and it’s looking like a productive winter!
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19 June, 2017
Among hundreds of submissions from other writing students at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), Katherine Pinczuk’s short story was selected to be part of an anthology called Strange Objects Covered With Fur. The 2015 publication featured UTS’s most talented new writers.
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9 June, 2017
Older Australians are embracing the digital life. This is no mean fete when you consider that the only screens available to people in the early 1950s were in cinemas…
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9 June, 2017
Australians should be concerned about their level of household debt according to data released by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development. The average Australian household owes 212% of net income, the fourth highest in the world. It’s pretty clear: we’ve come to rely too heavily on loans and credit cards.
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25 May, 2017
Macquarie Community College’s Pet Care course will introduce you to animal behaviour theories, first aid and CPR for pets. You will learn how to triage your pet and assess for life threatening emergencies. You will also learn how to treat chemical and physical injuries, and how to care for their nervous system, teeth, ears and eyes.
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24 May, 2017
Creativity is not as big a deal as most people make it out to be. You don’t have to ‘be creative’ to be creative. It’s not a ‘talent’ that you must possess before you’re allowed to practice it.
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18 May, 2017
Home reno show House Rules makes DIY look pretty dramatic. There are paint-roller showdowns, couples breaking up, clique warfare, and snarky comments from judges. A tip we should all learn from the show is this: DRAMA and DIY should never go hand in hand. At least, not that kind of drama.
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16 May, 2017
Is there a better way to capture for all time the beauty, conflict and contrast of the world than through a camera lens? The best photography has deeply shocked, inspired action, struck awe, moved to tears, influenced policy, halted wars, summed up unforgettable moments.
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11 May, 2017
Macquarie Community College also offers a wide range of fitness and sport courses like tennis, croquet and one of our most popular activities, bushwalking. They also have a variety of leisure courses such as photography, animal care, and house and garden DIY which can provide that much needed break from the indoors and keep you moving. There is also other benefits such as, keeping your mind active, learning new skills and the social aspect which is vital for a happy and heathy lifestyle. 
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5 May, 2017
I just wanted to say Thank You/Muchas Gracias for all the support I received during the weeks I took the course at Macquarie Community College. Meeting my teachers was really inspiring and I deeply admire their commitment to empower people that are going through the journey of seeking work.
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