29 October, 2017
A basic computer class is not only teaching students about Microsoft Office and setting up a simple home office system, but also how to find their inner strengths and confidence.
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9 June, 2017
Older Australians are embracing the digital life. This is no mean fete when you consider that the only screens available to people in the early 1950s were in cinemas…
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29 March, 2017
Macquarie College Computer Courses Sydney -  are providing older Australian’s with new job hopes. When older Australians lose a job, they find themselves in no man’s land if they’re not prepared to bridge the digital literacy divide. Macquarie Community College provides the right scaffolding to do this.
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9 March, 2017
Our IT and computer courses in the Sydney region are perfect if you wish to expand and refresh your skills for the workforce, learn up to date software, or just want to become more tech savvy. Our courses teach you how to navigate, evaluate and create information using a range of digital technologies that enrich your work and home life.
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